Not all chickens are made equal, and similarly, neither are all chicken coops. When planning out your chicken coop designs, there are plenty of things you wish to consider, for instance, how many chickens have you got, what are these chickens for, are they going to be pets for kids and how are you going to get to the eggs?

All these are highly good questions, which has got to be answered right before you commence building your chicken coop. The number of chickens that you can keep is only determined by the dimensions of your yard or area the the chickens will live in. You can keep five, or you can keep twenty-five ; however you have to build a coop that can accommodate the amount of chickens you plan on having.

If the chicken coop you build is not big enough, then the chickens will become stressed and pissed off that will impact on their laying patterns. If you are raising chickens just for their eggs, then you definitely don’t have to interrupt their habits, because this can make you lose the revenues you make from them, as well as a decent food supply for yourself. There are three basic sorts of chicken shack you can build, and they are little , medium, and big . You’ll decide to build your coops in two alternative ways.

The primary way, is to build it with an A-shaped roof. A-Shaped roofs are a good example of decent chicken coop designs because they will last for a bit longer, and they are going to permit rain and snow to run off the top. The disadvantage is they seem to be a bit costly and need a bit more wood.

Another advantage of having an A-Shaped roof is the chickens won’t be hitting the ceiling quite as much. You could also build a roof that is flat, though it’ll collect more snow and rain, this creates a likelihood of roof collapse, though it is cheaper. To ward off the roof collapse, build the flat roof at an angle, but this involves building your coop at an angle too.

Small Coops : Little chicken coop Designs are idea for folk that only need to keep two or three chickens. These may consist of a small fenced in enclosure, with a tiny indoor area that sleeps two or three chickens. These are relatively inexpensive and are often for pet chickens.

Medium Coops : These are a bit bigger as far as chicken coop designs go, and they’re customarily for housing 5-10 chickens. They can be converted from an old shed, or made from nothing but they have matching basic makeup as the little chicken coop designs.

Big Coops : This is for an individual that goes all out on their chickens, falling just short of building a total warehouse in their honor.

One more thing to consider when selection you chicken coop designs is easy access to the eggs.  You can build a coop allowing you to retrieve the eggs without ever going into the coop. Such a thing would be a door on the outside that opens up into the nesting boxes. Just don’t forget to go in there frequently to check on the conditions of the coop from time to time.

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