2 Catawba ConvertiCoop Chicken Plans 3D TourWith the purchase of the Brougham plans from www.CatawbaCoop.com, I’m going to throw in an additional piece of info FREE OF CHARGE. I’m going to GIVE you the 3D file that I used to create the illustrations in the book. Of course, without a program to view the file, it’s worthless. That’s why I’m going to include Sketchup Viewer as well in your packet. In Sketchup Viewer, you can review all the steps required to built a Brougham coop just by clicking on the tabs at the top of the screen. You can also fly around the coop and zoom in on parts that you really want to see… all in Real Time on your computer.

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    This is such a cool …
    This is such a cool design! I love how the needs of the chickens are met with a nice compact footprint!