In building a chicken coop, there are several things that folk don’t take under consideration, and they are generally things that will finish up injuring their chickens in the long run. Agree with it or not, there’s much more to creating a chicken coop than just building it and inserting your chickens, so let’s look at the potential hazards in your chicken coop plans!

Low Ceiling : you will not think about this, but chickens are birds, and simply because they don’t fly well, does not imply they do not give it their best shot. Consequently, if you’ve a low ceiling, the chickens are probably going to harm themselves when they try and fly in the coop. If it is strangely low, there’s a chance the chicken will manage to break its neck. This actually isn’t something you would like to see when you come out to feed your chickens in the morning, so remember, if you’ve got to duck while basically walking around in your coop, the ceiling is too low, that’s something to consider in your Chicken Coop Plans.

Exposed Wires : Chickens need lighting fourteen hours per day to lay correctly, and for you need a heat lamp in your Chicken Coop Designs. This doesn’t mean you need to run an extension twine across your ceiling and let it sag. When you install the heat lamp, ensure that you either wire it into the ceiling, or at least fasten the core soundly to the ceiling so that your chickens don’t start running into the hanging wire. This may also bring about a problem for you when you are going in and out of the coop, so ensure you do it the right way!

Poisons : You may necessarily have some rodents rambling your coop, and while they can get exasperating, you mustn’t set out poisons, and this is for 2 reasons.

One reason is that your chickens will eat the poison and you may find them dead the following morning. There’s one other reason, and that’s even if you are smart, and put the poison out of the reach of your loved birds, the rodent that eats the poison won’t always be that far away. In truth, your chickens will probably attempt to attack declared rodent, and likely soak up the poison that way, ending with the same result.

Bad Fence Design : if you do not design your fence correctly, your chickens will finish up dead one way or another. Ensure that you build the fence from chicken wire, or run some plastic chicken wire around the base of the fence so the chickens don’t poke their head thru it and finish up getting hurt when a predator is near.

Poor Lighting : Some folks forget that chickens do need light, and have a tendency to leave the poor birds in the dark all day. This is not just negative to their health ; it also meddles with their laying habits. Ensure that you add in decent lighting when you are doing your chicken shack Designs, or you could meet with catastrophic results.

Those are a few of the major flaws in Chicken Coop Plans, and hopefully by reading this article, you’ve learned to avoid them altogether, and your chickens will live a long and productive life.

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