You know what I find really hard at my age, coming up with new Christmas presents for my family every year. Each year it gets harder and harder because you have bought for that family member year after year so eventually ideas dry up. Well why not give a service this year rather that a produce. The gift could easily be a set of chicken coop plans packaged elegantly in an envelope with a promise to build it for them in their very own backyard. It won’t cost you hat much other than a bit of time and a bit of sweat. Especially if you utilize some recycled materials for the build.
A word of advice, when you present the chicken coop plans along with the promise to build them, plan ahead and specify the weekend that you intend to build the chicken coop and then stick to it. That way the person who receives the gift knows that it is for real. If you wanted to spend a bit more money and add to the gift, then throw in a book on keeping chickens or an egg recipe book. There are some examples below.

small square Chicken Coop Plans for Christmas

raising chickens big Chicken Coop Plans for Christmas

If the person goes away for a weekend before Christmas, you could pop into their backyard and build the chicken coop for them as a surprise. Having said that, you would want to be pretty certain that they do indeed want a chicken coop in their yard. It would help if the persons partner was in on it and gives you the go ahead.

So often people just head to the mall to purchase a DVD or a bracelet for a gift for a loved one but if you put some real effort in and actually make something (like a chicken coop) for a loved one, they will be even more grateful because it took thought and creativity and effort which is what gift giving is all about. Even if you decide not to make a chicken coop for them, think about making something else. As I said before, a gift that you made yourself is much better than a gift that you bought. If you do decide to build a chicken coop, then here are some chicken coop plans to buy, instantly download then print:

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Building a Chicken Coop

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