I just found some interesting blog posts on chicken coop plans that I thought ou might be interested in. DIY projects are great fun so here are some other peoples stories.

  • Keeping Chickens and Building Chicken Coops – By the picture of Samantha’s coop maybe she is enjoying her evenings out there with her chickens at the chicken coop. If you’re reading this and haven’t took the plunge to start keeping chickens yet well maybe this will give you an idea …
  • Chicken Coop – Our largest reusable project is our chicken coop. Believe it or not this used to be our kids swing set and club house. The wire is new, as is the largest piece of plywood along the back in the top picture. Paint is new. …
  • Poppa’s Musings · Summer reflections 2: Picnic Table – I built a picnic table during my vacation in August. I hadn’t built anything this involved in quite a while, probably not since the chicken coop over ten years ago. It seemed like this ought to be a pretty straight-forward project, and I spent time looking at plans online until I found a set that I liked.

Let me know what you think about these chicken coop plans and designs.  Better yet, tell me how your own project went and I’ll feature it on this blog.  Just use the Contact Us page.

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