Just recently Bill Keene launched his new chicken coop plans eBook entitled Building a Chicken Coop.  It’s great to see a new product out there especially one that is so complete and thorough,  This particular product has 3 very detailed chicken coop plans which includes a small mobile coop, a medium sized one and a larger premium style coop which means no matter what your budget or yard size you can get up and running in no time.

One of the best things about this product is that on top of the 3 very detailed step by step plans, there is about 70 pages of information containing everything you need to know before you actually get started.  There is plenty of information about various chicken breeds and what would be best for various environments and climates.  It has information on how to successfully raise chicks, and how to care for adult chickens and very importantly it goes into some detail about the various predators your coop is likely to encounter.  It comes with a bunch of bonuses too including

  • How to best position your chicken coop
  • How to easily build nesting boxes out of common material
  • Best material for Chicken coop floor
  • The Cheapest materials to build your coop out of.

I went and bought this product and have done a video review of it for you where I go through and show each of the chicken coop plans, I go over the table of contents of the 57 page eBook called “Building a Chicken Coop” and I touch on each of the bonus eBooks too.  Please forgive me, the video has lots of umms and aarrs in it and is a bit rough overall but I recorded it all in one go and its the first time I’ve ever recorded a product review like this so hopefully I’ll get better as I do a few more.  So go ahead and click the play button below.

Let me know what you think of the video and also let me if there is anything you think I could do to improve them for the future.

Bottom line, I can very happily recommend these chicken coop plans to all aspiring chicken keepers from beginner to expert.  If you agree, check it out for yourself over at Building a Chicken Coop.

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  • Amy

    Hi, there is no button to view the video. Is this still available to watch? I am very curious to see the coops offered in this ebook.

  • http://www.chickencoopplansblog.com Clance McDonald

    Hi Amy,

    You should be able to click in the middle of the video and it will start playing. If you have any trouble with this let me know and I’ll post a link to the video on an external site.



  • http://twitter.com/RuralFarming Joe Amaral

    That was a great video on your  chicken coop design

    i really enjoyed it. My buddy and i are coming up with a design of our own.