If you are building your own chicken coop then it is best to work from a set of tried and tested chicken coop plans rather than making it up as you go. If you have a set of plans and checklist of required materials you are going to save a lot of time and money.

There are many things to take into account before you even start building your chicken coop or even deciding on which chicken coop plans you intend to build from.  You need to decide on how many chickens you intend to start out with and also how many you would ideally like to keep once you are up and running and confident with your chicken keeping.  My suggestion is that you start off with two hens until you are sure you have everything under control.  Once you are happy that you are keeping happy and healthy chickens, you could comfortably keep around six chickens without much fuss.  This is the amount most backyard chicken coops house.

Another thing you should do is survey your back yard and decide where you are going to put your chicken coop.  This is not a huge issue because my suggestion is that you build a chicken coop that can be easily moved but as long as you have room for it then it is fine.  Its great to have a movable one because the chicken poop is great for your lawn so moving it about will spread the goodness all over your yard.  It also allows the chickens to peck at new grass and bugs in the lawn.

Handy Tip: Convenient access to fresh water is important.

There are very specific requirements that your hen house must meet for your chickens to be healthy and happy egg layers.  This includes requirements for perching, lighting, nest boxes.  For example, As a rule, 6 egg layers require approximately 9 square feet (1 sq. meter) of nesting space.

One set of chicken coop plans that I think is ideal for everyone starting out in chicken raising are these Coop Plans. It has the full supplies list for the project with full step by step, easy to understand instructions and photographs that take you through each stage of the project.  It covers framing, interior, exterior, netting and covers plenty of hints and tips and even comes with some fantastic chicken care bonuses.

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  • http://gardeningwithoutskills.blogspot.com/ Kate

    Which chicken coop plan is the cheapest?? If you're on a major budget… which ones will cost the least?? Buying one new is over $500 and some of these you've shown have a lot of materials. We have no building skills whatsoever… but don't have over $500 to buy one new. How can we do it cheap?

  • http://www.chickencoopplansblog.com Clance

    Hi Kate,
    It really depends on how many chickens you want to keep. There is a great chicken coop plans pack you can buy here http://www.chickencoopplansblo.....icken-coop for $30 and you could probably use recycled timber and wire if you have it handy…but even if you have to buy the materials new it will not cost that much. Let me know what you decide to go with and even send me some photos once it's done. It might be a good opportunity for me to write a blog post on building a chicken coop on a budget so please keep track of all your costs.

    All the best,


  • http://www.ironstonepark.com Pyalong Nursery

    Love the chicken coop plans. I got my plans from a nursery in Pyalong called Ironstone Park.

  • bokin
  • Muhammad Sulman

    There are very specific requirements that your hen house must meet for your chickens to be healthy and happy egg layers. Chicken coop plans