While many towns across the nation are changing their laws to permit residents to keep some chickens, some are resolutely refusing. Even if your town allows some chickens, your neighbors might not be so welcoming. In these examples, those who need to keep some hens will have to look at Chicken Coop Designs that can fool the people next door.

If you only have some hens, this is straightforward to do. There are several chicken coop designs out there that may be camouflaged as a recycling bin or other tiny structure. Even a tiny run can be designed with slats to appear like a compost bin.

Your neighbors will not have a clue! You can even select “stealth” chickens that mix in with the environment better than others. Rhode Island Reds, Red Stars or other brown chickens are better at camouflage than some of the other breeds. You’ll even consider some of the black chickens like Australorps or Jersey Giants. Another option is to plant around your chicken enclosure. You’ll be wanting to select plants that may keep your coop and run concealed year round, but that don’t provide lots of hiding places for predators. A hedge rose or other plant that you can keep trimmed may work best. Roses are also edible, so if your chickens nibble a bit, they will not be mistreated. Don’t plant round the side that faces your place so you can enjoy watching your chickens. You will need to look at Chicken Coop Designs that look more of an application shed or other structure that any one could have in their yard. Paint the exterior to match your house and make it interesting. Neighbors are typically engaged with the view out their window, so if it appears to be nice, they will not be as inclined to moan.

These “stealth” chicken sheds can essentially use a few different designs and still not alert the locals. Be certain to cover the chicken run so your hens can’t fly out and go visiting. This may also protect them from aerial predators like hawks and eagles. If the run isn’t awfully tall, ensure you can lift the covering simply to obtain access when required. Many Chicken Coop Designs include a run. This can offer you an idea of how to approach this. Hens do make a little bit of noise when they lay eggs, so if your neighbors are still not cheerful, offer to share some fresh eggs with them when your hens start to lay. They may never protest again once they’ve tasted them. If they find your chickens more enchanting, hiding your coop will not be such a problem.

They may even decide to get some themselves, and you are going to be able to recommend them on the best chicken coop designs to think about as well as on general chicken care. You may become the area chicken expert, and before you know it you may all be swapping chicken stories and egg recipes over the back fence.

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