My next door neighbour has just finished building a chicken coop. It is in the front yard of his house and the thing I thought was most interesting about his chicken coop plans was that the chicken run section did not use any traditional fencing. No pickets, no chicken wire. Instead, he made a barrier by piling up the mountain of firewood that he had accumulated. It is hard to imagine without seeing it (and I will ask Andrew if I can get a photo) but the barriers are high and wide. This gives the chickens plenty of protection from predators and it also stops them from escaping.

This is a great example of recycling materials that are already laying around the house or yard. Not only did he save money by doing this, but it made great use of an otherwise useless pile of timber logs.

The actual chicken coop structure that he build was bought in a flat pack from ebay for $500 which is a shame because he could have saved even more money by buying the materials from a hardware and a set of chicken coop plans off the net.

He has got 3 hens in his chicken coop so far but they are not yet laying. I’ve assured him that it is normal and they will probably just take a little time until they feel happy safe and comfortable.

chicken coop run My Neighbors Chicken Coop Plans

I thought one of my chickens had done a runner on me the other week actually. She was gone for about a week which is most unusual for her. She eventually turned up out of the blue so I did a bit more hunting around and I found a little make shift nest under the house that had 9 eggs in it. I made sure that when I chose my chicken coop plans that there were enough nesting boxes for my girls so I’m not quite sure what had made her to decide to do this but she is back to her old routine now so no big deal. It was just a relief for her to return. You can get quite attached to your flock huh?

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