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I have recently changed the site layout of the Chicken Coop Plans blog.  I am going to be writing a lot more articles in the weeks to come and will be writing many more chicken coop plans reviews.  I have not had a whole lot of time over the past few months but my circumstances have changed and I will now have a lot more free time to dedicate to this website. Please let me know what you think of the new site design.  I think it looks a bit cleaner.  If you have an opinion, hit me up in the comments below.  You can even leave a video message right on any blog post with just a couple of clicks if you have a webcam!

Another thing I would like to do is post articles written my my readers.  I know you guys have built chicken coops and have been raising chickens for years and many of you have more experience than me.  I’d love for you to share some tips and advice for our readers that are new to keeping chickens or are looking to get started.  If you would like to write an article to post here, please email me at You will be given full credit for the article and you will be helping out your fellow readers.

If you have anything you want me to write about in the future or have any chicken coop plans you have seen that you want a review on then please let me know by commenting below or fling me an email.  I'll make sure I answer it within a day or two.

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  • Carole@FowlVisions

    Your blog looks good. I liked it before but I also like this web skin also. Recently I have ran across a couple of other chicken blogs utilizing this same skin. Nice skin with a clean look. Also like the capabilities of adding customized pictures to fit the theme.

  • Clance

    Thanks for the feedback. I actually thought you blog looks great. It has a very clean layout and everything is easy to find so I decided to use the same wordpress theme as you (I hope you don't mind).

    Anyway people, checkout Carole's Fowl Visions blog at

  • socks

    This was actually very helpful to get more information on that ebook on coops because I have to say the writer of the book doesn’t do a very good job of presenting the information in his advertising and so far it has just annoyed me that I keep on coming across his $29.97 ebook every time I search for plans. So I thank you and he should thank you.