This funny youtube video just goes to show that chickens really do like to nest and feel safe whilst doing so. Remember to add nesting boxes when working on your chicken coop plans. Chickens generally like these nests to be dark and from the looks of the chicken building her nest in this video, nice and cozy too.

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  • MockStoneLLC

    lol smart chicken!
    lol smart chicken!

  • scenro

    XD she looks just …
    XD she looks just like my oldest bird. she likes to escape and find boxes all the way across the neighbor hood to lay her eggs. had neighbors tell me shes been at their house more than once.

  • tenneil

    She’s a bantam.
    She’s a bantam.

  • ilovehorses911

    wat breed of …
    wat breed of chicken is that

  • tarazod

    Cool nest! The …
    Cool nest! The style is very…um…modern :)

  • tenneil

    Hm, I can’t …
    Hm, I can’t remember anymore. This video is two years old! I’m pretty sure she was just brooding though. Wow, you sure have a lot of poultry! Indoor ducks… how cute!

  • Kasia5872

    Did she just lay an …
    Did she just lay an egg? My black australorp hen always does this after she lays her egg. I have 2 indoor roosters and a hen, 3 indoor ducks and 18 birds.

  • Yadiluv81

    Love ur hen don’t …
    Love ur hen don’t ever eat her. So smart. I have 4 pet chickens and they bring much joy.

  • haleygo5656

    me 2 ^^
    me 2 ^^

  • carriechicken

    this is the cutest …
    this is the cutest chicken ever!!!

  • soheiljerusalem

    OMG thats so cute !
    OMG thats so cute !

  • Dexter1673

    SO CUTE, And so …
    SO CUTE, And so tiny!

  • horseaholic15

    how cute
    how cute

  • tushaani

    HEY! Tell your …
    HEY! Tell your little chicken that wasting tissue is bad for the enviroment!


  • tenneil

    During the night …
    During the night she does. During the day, she just roams around in the backyard, haha. She loves being inside though… she likes company. :)

  • christinaray

    that is soooo cute! …
    that is soooo cute! dose she always stay inside? :)

  • dkany

    she is so cute this …
    she is so cute this is why I am Vegan!!

  • skyetiger

    very cute
    very cute

  • gonetapott

    giggle~ That was …
    giggle~ That was great.

  • NClackum

    I’ve never seen …
    I’ve never seen that before, she’s adorable!

  • snowy5175434

    awwe thats cute
    awwe thats cute

  • kentuckyhellfire