Clance McDonald on May 22nd, 2010

While many towns across the nation are changing their laws to permit residents to keep some chickens, some are resolutely refusing. Even if your town allows some chickens, your neighbors might not be so welcoming. In these examples, those who need to keep some hens will have to look at Chicken Coop Designs that can fool the people next door.

If you only have some hens, this is straightforward to do. There are several chicken coop designs out there that may be camouflaged as a recycling bin or other tiny structure. Even a tiny run can be designed with slats to appear like a compost bin.

Your neighbors will not have a clue! You can even select “stealth” chickens that mix in with the environment better than others. Rhode Island Reds, Red Stars or other brown chickens are better at camouflage than some of the other breeds. You’ll even consider some of the black chickens like Australorps or Jersey Giants. Another option is to plant around your chicken enclosure. You’ll be wanting to select plants that may keep your coop and run concealed year round, but that don’t provide lots of hiding places for predators. A hedge rose or other plant that you can keep trimmed may work best. Roses are also edible, so if your chickens nibble a bit, they will not be mistreated. Don’t plant round the side that faces your place so you can enjoy watching your chickens. You will need to look at Chicken Coop Designs that look more of an application shed or other structure that any one could have in their yard. Paint the exterior to match your house and make it interesting. Neighbors are typically engaged with the view out their window, so if it appears to be nice, they will not be as inclined to moan.

These “stealth” chicken sheds can essentially use a few different designs and still not alert the locals. Be certain to cover the chicken run so your hens can’t fly out and go visiting. This may also protect them from aerial predators like hawks and eagles. If the run isn’t awfully tall, ensure you can lift the covering simply to obtain access when required. Many Chicken Coop Designs include a run. This can offer you an idea of how to approach this. Hens do make a little bit of noise when they lay eggs, so if your neighbors are still not cheerful, offer to share some fresh eggs with them when your hens start to lay. They may never protest again once they’ve tasted them. If they find your chickens more enchanting, hiding your coop will not be such a problem.

They may even decide to get some themselves, and you are going to be able to recommend them on the best chicken coop designs to think about as well as on general chicken care. You may become the area chicken expert, and before you know it you may all be swapping chicken stories and egg recipes over the back fence.

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Clance McDonald on May 21st, 2010

Not all chickens are made equal, and similarly, neither are all chicken coops. When planning out your chicken coop designs, there are plenty of things you wish to consider, for instance, how many chickens have you got, what are these chickens for, are they going to be pets for kids and how are you going to get to the eggs?

All these are highly good questions, which has got to be answered right before you commence building your chicken coop. The number of chickens that you can keep is only determined by the dimensions of your yard or area the the chickens will live in. You can keep five, or you can keep twenty-five ; however you have to build a coop that can accommodate the amount of chickens you plan on having.

If the chicken coop you build is not big enough, then the chickens will become stressed and pissed off that will impact on their laying patterns. If you are raising chickens just for their eggs, then you definitely don’t have to interrupt their habits, because this can make you lose the revenues you make from them, as well as a decent food supply for yourself. There are three basic sorts of chicken shack you can build, and they are little , medium, and big . You’ll decide to build your coops in two alternative ways.

The primary way, is to build it with an A-shaped roof. A-Shaped roofs are a good example of decent chicken coop designs because they will last for a bit longer, and they are going to permit rain and snow to run off the top. The disadvantage is they seem to be a bit costly and need a bit more wood.

Another advantage of having an A-Shaped roof is the chickens won’t be hitting the ceiling quite as much. You could also build a roof that is flat, though it’ll collect more snow and rain, this creates a likelihood of roof collapse, though it is cheaper. To ward off the roof collapse, build the flat roof at an angle, but this involves building your coop at an angle too.

Small Coops : Little chicken coop Designs are idea for folk that only need to keep two or three chickens. These may consist of a small fenced in enclosure, with a tiny indoor area that sleeps two or three chickens. These are relatively inexpensive and are often for pet chickens.

Medium Coops : These are a bit bigger as far as chicken coop designs go, and they’re customarily for housing 5-10 chickens. They can be converted from an old shed, or made from nothing but they have matching basic makeup as the little chicken coop designs.

Big Coops : This is for an individual that goes all out on their chickens, falling just short of building a total warehouse in their honor.

One more thing to consider when selection you chicken coop designs is easy access to the eggs.  You can build a coop allowing you to retrieve the eggs without ever going into the coop. Such a thing would be a door on the outside that opens up into the nesting boxes. Just don’t forget to go in there frequently to check on the conditions of the coop from time to time.

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Clance McDonald on December 9th, 2009

You know what I find really hard at my age, coming up with new Christmas presents for my family every year. Each year it gets harder and harder because you have bought for that family member year after year so eventually ideas dry up. Well why not give a service this year rather that a produce. The gift could easily be a set of chicken coop plans packaged elegantly in an envelope with a promise to build it for them in their very own backyard. It won’t cost you hat much other than a bit of time and a bit of sweat. Especially if you utilize some recycled materials for the build.
A word of advice, when you present the chicken coop plans along with the promise to build them, plan ahead and specify the weekend that you intend to build the chicken coop and then stick to it. That way the person who receives the gift knows that it is for real. If you wanted to spend a bit more money and add to the gift, then throw in a book on keeping chickens or an egg recipe book. There are some examples below.

small square Chicken Coop Plans for Christmas

raising chickens big Chicken Coop Plans for Christmas

If the person goes away for a weekend before Christmas, you could pop into their backyard and build the chicken coop for them as a surprise. Having said that, you would want to be pretty certain that they do indeed want a chicken coop in their yard. It would help if the persons partner was in on it and gives you the go ahead.

So often people just head to the mall to purchase a DVD or a bracelet for a gift for a loved one but if you put some real effort in and actually make something (like a chicken coop) for a loved one, they will be even more grateful because it took thought and creativity and effort which is what gift giving is all about. Even if you decide not to make a chicken coop for them, think about making something else. As I said before, a gift that you made yourself is much better than a gift that you bought. If you do decide to build a chicken coop, then here are some chicken coop plans to buy, instantly download then print:

5b1a77c164ee7dc Chicken Coop Plans for Christmas
Building a Chicken Coop

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Clance McDonald on September 17th, 2009

I’ve had a lot of emails from folks in the UK, in particular London, asking me for a recommendation for chicken coop plans to suit UK and its chilly climate.  See it’s coming into spring in the UK so there is a real spike in interest which is great.  The thing to remember is that while the weather is becoming nice now, there is always the next winter ahead and so you should always plan your chicken coop for the most extreme conditions you are likely to experience.  To be honest, its no big deal.  Chickens are very resilient animals, particularly the heavy feathered and large breeds (Orpingtons, Australorps, Barred Rocks, Comets etc..) as long as the chicken coop they live in gives them good protection from the elements. You can get away with having an open style coop as pictured below but I would not recommend it.

snow chickens Chicken Coop Plans for UK

The chickens won’t have much interest in leaving the coop if it is snowing or extremely cold but they will of course come out when the weather is nicer.  I’d recommend a fully enclosed chicken coop for a cold UK winter.

imge Chicken Coop Plans for UK

The chicken coop above (left) is ideal for the UK climate.  It is completely enclosed so your chickens will be protected from the cold and it has an optional run (above right) that can build around the chicken coop.  It’s basically just an enclosure that your chickens can wander around and scratch in in the finer months of the year.  This is also a very secure chicken coop which is very important as there are many foxes in London that prey on back yard chickens.

If you really are serious about building a chicken coop in the UK then I really think you should take a look at Building a Chicken Coop by Bill Keene.  It has 3 sets of detailed chicken coop plans as well as a massive swag of information on raising and keeping happy and healthy chickens.

ebook Chicken Coop Plans for UK

Here is what one hobby chicken keeper from the UK said about Building a Chicken Coop by Bill Keene.

“…If you are considering keeping chickens in your back yard, you must read this book. Whether you have a tiny courtyard or acres to play with, Keene’s advice will stand you in good stead and help you build the right chicken coop. The focus of the book is on being well-prepared for your flock before they even arrive. Keene ensures that you consider every issue before you spend a cent on birds, feed or equipment. He discusses which species is appropriate for your garden, what they should eat and, as the title suggests, how you should house them. Anyone with basic do-it-yourself tools and a patch of land could follow his instructions. The drawings and diagrams are easy to interpret and the lists of materials and tools needed are very helpful. Keene also appreciates that the value of using recycled materials in your chicken coop – cheap and environmentally friendly. Keene encourages responsible husbandry – his reminder of tasks to be completed weekly, monthly and sixth monthly should be replicated onto the calendar of any careful poultry keeper. The level of detail is just right, from a list of the color of the egg you might expect from you hen to a description of healthy hen’s poop! If you follow his tips, your happy hens will be very productive. Next we need a cookbook for ideas to use up all the spare eggs…” Tracyann – Amateur Chicken Farmer – Devon, United Kingdom

If you have any extra advice for those looking at building a chicken coop in the UK or if you are keeping chickens in london then please feel free to share it with everyone here by adding a comment below.

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Clance McDonald on September 1st, 2009

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